This has been a long time coming that I have been working on gearing my work in a few different directions! Here you will find the truly feminine  girl /women within me. Red Lips and Curvy Hips showcases the  way the girl and the camera started. I remember just as a girl, taking photos with my girlfriends. Innocent and having fun, and feeling damn good doing it. This girl evolved into the women that I am now. I can still say that one of my favorite, if not favorite subject in front of my lens, is the women right  beside of  me, and that being could be anyone! I find that there is true beauty and confidence within everyone, it is sometimes just a little hidden. Through this body of work, it is  a give - in that we finish a session walking away  with beautiful images, however the biggest reward  of it all is the confidence and empowerment that also walks away. 

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